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Phlebotomy Training Wyoming

Phlebotomy Certification in Wyoming

As one of the least populous states in the country, Wyoming has plenty of wide open

spaces capped off with breathtaking mountain ranges. Situated at the eastern part of

the Rocky Mountains, Wyoming boasts a thriving tourist industry that sees over six

million people paying a visit to the many monuments and national parks that call

Wyoming home.

From Yellowstone National Park to the Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming is a dream

for the lover of the great outdoors. There is also a thriving agricultural industry, along

with coal mines, and wind farms.

With a population of around 585,500 people, much of Wyoming maintains that small

town feel. There is however always a demand for qualified medical professionals.

The low cost of living in Wyoming does result in salaries that reflect lower than the

national average. The lower salary is of course offset by the relatively low cost of living

in the state. A qualified phlebotomist in Wyoming could expect a starting salary of

$19,000. With the right certifications and plenty of experience, you could see your salary

reach as high as $24,000.

Phlebotomy Certification Prerequisites in Wyoming:

The State of Wyoming does not require that phlebotomists have a certification in hand

prior to working for a medical facility. However there are some very good and valid

reasons that you should do your part to get your phlebotomy certification. The

prerequisites of the training courses may vary between learning facilities, but there are

some things that will be similar across the board:

  • You must be 18 years old, or older.
  • You must have graduated from high school, or completed an equivalency exam.
  • You should be proficient in English; this includes reading, writing, and

    communicating with patients.

  • You should have good basic computer skills.

A great phlebotomist is also someone with a great amount of empathy. Your job will be

more than drawing blood from a patient. It will entail comforting and soothing nervous

patients, some of whom may be children or the frail.

Taking Phlebotomy Certification Training Courses in Wyoming:

Completing a phlebotomy certification training course is the best thing that you can do

to get yourself one step closer to attaining your goals. Knowing what to expect once you

start your education will help you to tackle it head-on.

It’s important to note that a phlebotomy certification often serves as a good stepping

stone for those who are interested pursuing further specialties in the medical field. In

fact, many medical assistant course will include phlebotomy. Working as a phlebotomist

will provide you with valuable insight and experience working with other medical


The majority of phlebotomy certification training courses in Wyoming take fewer than 6

months to complete. Each course will typically include classroom instruction, and then

hands-on clinical experience. The majority of training programs will only consider a

student’s education to be complete once a minimum amount of venipunctures has been

successfully done on patients.

Areas that will be covered within a phlebotomy certification training course will generally

include the following:

  • Understanding safety and infection control guidelines
  • Techniques for reassuring patients
  • CPR and how to handle potential emergencies
  • Phlebotomy procedures
  • Finger sticks
  • Basic medical terminology
  • Preventing errors in the lab

Some courses can be completed online, but it’s important to make sure that you are

completing a course through an accredited institute. Once you have successfully

completed the training, you can then sit down for the certification exams through one of

the official testing portals. These could include one of the following:

It is vital to reiterate that it is not necessary to hold a phlebotomist certification in

Wyoming in order to legally perform the duties of your job. It is however often required

by employers who are looking to hire only the best in skilled and trained employees. Not

only will you boost your marketability if you find yourself in the job market again, but

your national certification will transfer to most other states in the country. Be certain that

you verify the requirements in other states if you do find yourself relocating.

Where Does Your City Rate?

Learn more about where your favorite city in Wyoming ranks in the state, and take a

look at what salary averages for phlebotomists are around the country. Remember that

smaller towns will have a lowered cost of living, and generally that will correlate with a

smaller offered salary. If you look at salaries in larger cities like Cheyanne, you’ll

recognize a larger salary but it’s important to also recognize that housing and other

living expenses will see a bump in the larger populated areas.

Phlebotomy Training in Wyoming:

phlebotomy training wyoming
Casper College offers a Phlebotomy training program. Image Credit:

Casper College:

Casper College, in Casper, WY, offers two phlebotomy courses as a part of the

Phlebotomy Technician Training Program. The courses can be taken in one semester.

The first part offers didactic and laboratory training. In this course, students learn

various methods of drawing blood. The second course offers students hands-on training

in a clinical setting.

View their website for more info:

Central Wyoming College:

Central Wyoming College in Riverton, WY trains students in the correct techniques to

collect, handle, and transport specimens. Students receive training through classroom

instruction, lab work, and hands-on clinical experience.

View more info on their website:

Northwest College:

Northwest College, located in Powell, WY offers a Phlebotomy program that includes

five credit hours. Three lecture hours, and two lab hours. With training, students will

gain the knowledge needed to successfully draw blood. Other topics covered during the

course include safety measures, and federal regulatory concerns.

Official website:


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