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Phlebotomy Training WV (West Virginia)

Phlebotomy Training in West Virginia (WV)

Renowned for soft rolling hills, beautiful mountains, and a rich history that surrounds the

coal mining and logging industries, West Virginia is a picturesque state that offers a little

bit of something for everyone.

With cool water rivers and lakes, the state is a prime destination for fishermen looking to

reel in some trout. Other outdoor recreational activities include whitewater rafting,

skiing, and hiking, mountain biking, hunting, and backpacking.

The state’s population exceeds 1,850,000. There are a number of industries that

contribute toward the state’s economy, including tourism.

The cost of living in the state is fairly reasonable when compared to other states in the

country, and a certified phlebotomist can expect to see an average annual salary of

$27,000. This is a respectable salary when the cost of living and the lifestyle of the state

are both taken into consideration.

Defining the Phlebotomist’s Role:

It’s pretty widely known that the phlebotomist is the person responsible for doing blood

draws in the hospital or in a doctor’s office. But what many are not wholly aware of is

that there are some other duties that fall in line with what is expected from the


Certainly as a phlebotomist you will be expected to read and understand the written

orders from the attending physician or registered nurse, so that you can collect the

correct number of vials of blood, and any other types of specimens that are required for

diagnostic reasons.

You may also be required to organize transportation of the specimens to the laboratory.

This is often as simple as arranging pickup with a courier or walking the specimens to

the laboratory within the hospital.

There is a vital part of the role of a phlebotomist that is definitely not something that can

be taught. It involves having the ability to put a patient at ease prior to the needle stick.

For many patients, of all ages, the most dreadful part of visiting a doctor or going to the

hospital is the need to have needles inserted. It all prove to be a terrifying process for

little ones and adults alike. With a calm demeanor and plenty of empathy, you’ll be able

to put the patient at ease while doing your job swiftly and with minimal discomfort to the


Working as a phlebotomist is a terrific option for you if you have a passion for the

medical field. Phlebotomy can also prove to be a good stepping stone for those

interested in further pursuing other areas of expertise in the medical field.

Finding Work as a Phlebotomist:

You know that your skills will be in high demand once you are a certified phlebotomist,

but you may not know of all of the options that you will have for employment.

Here are just some of the places that you might find yourself working once you enter the

job market:

  • Emergency room
  • Labor and delivery
  • Nursery
  • NICU
  • Surgical pre-op
  • Recovery
  • Mental health
  • Medical labs
  • Community clinics
  • Nursing homes
  • Private practices
  • Private blood banks

Your work is sure to prove to be enjoyable and rewarding. You’ll have the opportunity to

work with patients who needs the most reassuring, so a cheerful demeanor will go a

long way in this profession.

Phlebotomy Training and Certification Requirements:

Not all states will require that phlebotomists hold their national certification. West

Virginia is such a state. It is of course the best way to boost your marketability once you

are in the job market, however. Your certification demonstrates to hiring managers that

you are fully qualified to work for them. With that, many hospitals and other medical

facilities now require that their phlebotomists obtain the right certifications.

The training facilities that you look into should be accredited; this will assure you of the

best possible education. While the core curriculum will not change much between the

programs that you look into, there may be some slight variations in prerequisites that

you should be aware of:

  • The majority will ask for you to have your high school diploma or your GED.
  • Some may require that you have gone through a CPR certification course.
  • Many will also ask that students for evidence of a proficiency in English.
  • Being up to date on your immunizations, and also passing a tuberculosis test is

    also likely to be requested.

  • Students are also often asked to have both medical insurance and liability

    insurance, and you will be working directly with patients during your clinical


  • A drug and criminal background test may also be a requirement of entering the

    training program that you are interested in.

With an idea as to what will be expected from you, you’ll be fully ready to take on the

classes, the lab time, and of course the hands-on-experience.

West Virginia Phlebotomy Training:

phlebotomy training wv - west virginia - school
Blueridge Community College offers a Phlebotomy certification program. Image Credit:

These are three colleges and occupational schools in West Virginia that offer Phlebotomy

training programs:

Blue Ridge Community and Technical College:

Blue Ridge Community and Technical College boasts small class sizes and budget-

friendly options for paying your tuition. The part-time program runs for 13 weeks and will

have students ready to pass the exam at the end of the course.

Visit their website here:

West Virginia University at Parkersburg:

West Virginia University at Parkersburg offers a phlebotomy technician course that is

taught by an experience instructor. The course covers all of the practical knowledge and

hands-on experience that students will need in order to qualify to pass and take the

certification exam.

Official website here:

American National University:

American National University offers a phlebotomy training course through its

Parkersburg campus. Students will get the instruction needed to pass the certification

exam, and also get some help with honing interviewing skills.

Visit their website for more info:

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