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Phlebotomy Training Jacksonville FL

Phlebotomy Training in Jacksonville FL

With a population exceeding 1,300,000 people, Jacksonville is an expansive city that

offers something for everyone to enjoy. The city boasts a thriving economy that is

influenced by a number of industries that include manufacturing, distribution, information

services, and more.

Jacksonville is home to a number of large companies and also numerous military

facilities. Tourism is also a major contributor to the Jacksonville economy.

The cost of living in the city is considered to be relatively good, but it does improve as

you move out of the city and into the surrounding suburbs. The average salary for a

certified phlebotomy technician is $29,000.

The salary that you command can vary greatly based upon a few factors, including the

number of years of experience that you have under your belt, and the type and location

of the facility that you find yourself working at.

If you live outside of Jacksonville, we have created a more-general purpose certification guide

for Florida as well.

Getting the Right Training:

Like all positions in the medical field, the right type of specialized training is essential for

the qualified phlebotomist. Being an excellent phlebotomist expands much further than

just having the skills needed to successfully do needle sticks on patients.

Phlebotomists will need to be familiar with at least basic medical terminology, and of

course have familiarity with human anatomy. There are a number of specimen collection

methods, and it’s important to know about each of them. Training will also educate you

about the most up-to-date in safety protocols. Once of the most important things that a

phlebotomist can do is to put his or her patient at ease for what can sometimes be a

stressful procedure. All of this will be covered during your training.

Finding the right accredited school is an important part of the process. While the

programs at each school that you research will be very similar, there are bound to be

some differences. Some programs will be a part of a larger certification or degree

program that can allow for some good career advancement at a later stage.

The training that you get will require a number of classroom hours, and will also include

a clinical externship so that you can get that all-important hands-on experience.

The programs that you look into will generally cover the following topics during the

course of the class:

  • CPR and basic emergency training; this may be a prerequisite for many schools


  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Medical terminology
  • Venipuncture
  • Micro-capillary techniques
  • Patient safety, and other safety protocols

Be sure that your school is accredited and you will be assured of a quality education

that will set you on the right path to starting your career as a phlebotomist.

Requirements for Phlebotomy Certification in Jacksonville:

Florida is one of the states in the country that does not require phlebotomists to be

certified in order to work with patients.

However, today you would be hard pressed to find a facility that will hire you if you do

not have the correct certification or at very least have extensive hands-on experience as

a phlebotomist. The certification in hand can go a long way toward convincing hiring

managers that you have the skill set needed.

In order to pass the certification exam, there are some things that you will need to do


  • You should have evidence of having completed your high school education, or

    having passed an equivalency test.

  • You should be able to speak, read, and communicate effectively in English.
  • You need to complete the proper training course at an accredited organization.

There are a number of benefits to earning your certification as a phlebotomist. Not least

of all is that it boosts your marketability when you enter the job market. Quality

healthcare facilities are going to ask their staff to be qualified, certified, and above


Once you have earned your certification you’ll be able to land a position working as a

phlebotomist at any medical facility in Jacksonville, in the State of Florida, and in most

other parts of the country.

Maintaining your License and Further Education:

Your phlebotomy certification will be valid for two years once you have passed your

exam. It’s important that you do not let it lapse. This will not only mean that your position

at work is at risk, but it could also lead to a lengthy period of waiting for it to be renewed.

Staying on top of this can help you to stay employed and keep on helping the patients

that rely on you.

If you expand your qualifications into some additional career paths you may not need to

keep up with your certification. As an example, medical assistances and registered

nurses do not need to maintain a separate certification for phlebotomy as it is generally

covered in the coursework and licensing exams for those roles.

Phlebotomy Certification Training in Jacksonville FL:

North Florida Medical Institute:

North Florida Medical Institute boasts a great phlebotomy technician training program

that makes it a snap for students to follow along and get the education they deserve.

Upon completion of the practical and hands-on training, students will be prepared to

pass the certification exam.

You can view more info on their website:

Camsen Career Institute:

Camsen Career Institute offers a dual certification training course, with a phlebotomy

and EKG course that will set students on the right path to a successful career in the

medical field.

Official Website:

Excel Phlebotomy Training:

Excel Phlebotomy Training offers evening and weekend classes so that students can

get the training they need, when it is workable for their schedule. Taught by qualified

medical professionals, these courses are comprehensive and budget-friendly.


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