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Phlebotomy Training in RI (Rhode Island)

Phlebotomy Certification in Rhode Island

Rhode Island, the Ocean State, is the smallest state in the country (geographically-speaking). Boasting a

population of more than 1,055,000 residents, this beautiful part of New England is a

lovely place to live, to work, and of course to visit.

The largest industry contributing to the economy of Rhode Island are the health

services, with tourism running a close second. Rhode Island also has an agricultural

industry that produces, eggs, dairy, and vegetables.

As a certified phlebotomist in Rhode Island you’ll find that your skills are in high

demand. The cost of living in this petite state can prove to be a bit higher than other

parts of the country, but the average salary of a certified phlebotomist is a healthy (no

pun intended)$32,500.

Phlebotomy Certification Training in Detail:

Most community colleges and universities will offer some kind of Phlebotomy training

courses. It can also be found at vocational schools and large medical centers.

Most training courses can be completed in less than a year, with training length staging

anywhere from a few weeks to a few months.

Training will include both classroom lectures and later on hands-on training where the

student will be able to collect specimens from patients in a clinic setting.

Rhode Island laws do not require that phlebotomists hold a certification prior to working

with patients, but the laws do require that any person participating in hands-on training

and working with patients pass a criminal background check. Students will also need to

be current on vaccinations, have health insurance, and also carry medical malpractice


During your training, you will have the opportunity to learn a number of skills that will do

more than ensure that you are qualified to pass your certification exam. The skills that

you learn will allow you to confidently work with patients in any medical setting.

Some of the skills that you will learn include the following:

  • Solid understanding of medical terminology
  • Learning methods for the collection of non-blood specimens
  • Data entry and basic computer skills
  • Safety and disease prevention methods
  • Venipucture methods, including on patients who may present a challenge
  • Patient care and privacy

Earning your phlebotomy certification is quite frequently one of the first steps toward a

long and rewarding career in the healthcare field. There are many healthcare

professionals that start working as a phlebotomist in order to get a good start in

healthcare, and go on to further their careers to become medical assistants, nurses, and


Getting your Phlebotomy Certification in Rhode Island:

While the State of Rhode Island does not require that you possess your phlebotomy

certification, it’s helpful to keep in mind that having your certification can help you with

your opportunities for employment, as it will demonstrate to hiring managers that you

have the right knowledge and hands-on experience that is needed to work with patients.

You’ll also find that most medical organizations prefer to hire on phlebotomy technicians

who are certified.

You can earn your phlebotomy certification by successfully passing a certification exam

through a certifying agency. Prior to taking the exam, students must meet a few


  • Successfully complete a training program from an accredited medical facility.
  • Successfully complete a minimum of 100 phlebotomy collections, or have a

    minimum of a year experience working in a clinical setting or have successfully

    completed an LPN or RN program.

  • Be 18 years of age.
  • Be CPR certified.

The exam is a computer-based test that adjusts the next answer based upon how well

you answer the previous. Once you have passed your exam, you’ll be awarded your

certification. Your certification will be valid for a minimum of two years, and will need to

be renewed at the end of the two years.

Career Options for the Certified Phlebotomy Technician:

The reality is that folks are always going to be in need of medical care. This means that

the healthcare field is one that is going to always have a need for qualified folks to work

with patients.

Phlebotomy is a stable career option for anyone to consider pursuing. It can also serve

as a great stepping stone for those who are interested in pursuing additional

certifications in the medical field.

Most phlebotomists find themselves working in hospitals or community clinics. You can

also find steady employment working in diagnostic labs, blood donor centers, and

private practice offices. There is no shortage of job opportunities available for a qualified

medical professional.

The good news is that with your certification in hand, not only will your skills be in high

demand but you’ll be able to secure a position in any medical facility in the State of

Rhode Island, and in most in the country.

Finding Phlebotomy Certification Training in Rhode Island:

Community College of Rhode Island:

Community College of Rhode Island offers a part-time, two-semester program. Students

will learn the basics and advanced techniques of being a phlebotomist.

Visit their website for more info:

Cranston Alternative Education Programs:

Cranston Alternative Education Programs offer a phlebotomy course that can be

completed in under five months. Students will learn medical terminology, anatomy, and

more. This program has some prerequisites students should be aware of prior to


More info on the program can be found here:

Bastien Academy:

Bastien Academy offers a phlebotomist technician program that can be wrapped up in

fewer than 5 weeks. The program includes all practical and hands-on knowledge that

the student needs. Classes are held once a week, with a morning or afternoon option,

so that students can easily fit it into their schedule. The school offers free training for

those who meet specific qualifications.

Official website:

More Phlebotomy Schools in RI:

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