phlebotomy training in montana

Phlebotomy Training in Montana

Phlebotomy Training in Montana:

Oft referred to as Land of the Shining Mountains, Montana delivers big on breathtaking

mountain ranges, which are a part of the Rocky Mountains. Quite a number of industries

play a significant role in Montana’s economy. These include tourism, agriculture, hard

rock mining, lumber, and of course the healthcare sector.

Montana has a low cost of living, definitely lower than the average seen nationwide.

This makes it a great choice for those who can secure a good-paying steady position.

With the low cost of living comes an average salary for phlebotomists that is lower than

the national average. $20,000 may seem low on the pay scale, but it’s important to point

out that the average annual salary for Montana as a whole is $37,575.

No sales tax, and amazing scenery make Montana a desirable location to relocate to.

The Right Training Makes a Difference:

phlebotomy training montana
A Medical Laboratory Scientist hard at work. Credit: Wikimedia

Phlebotomy, like all positions in the medical field, require that you receive specialized training in order to do your job correctly. More than knowing how to do an accurate needle stick, phlebotomists need to know a fair bit about human anatomy, be aware of various collection methods, understand safety protocols, and of course have the ability to put patients at ease.

There are a number of accredited facilities that offer courses to help you learn all that you need to learn in order to become a phlebotomist. The programs that you research are likely to be very similar in what they offer, but some may be a part of a medical assistant program, which can offer you some good options for career advancement.

The training that you undergo will typically offer quite a number of hours in the classroom, but will also include a clinical externship so that you can put your knowledge to practical use. If you have been working in a medical facility already, you may be able to use your hands-on experience as a qualifier for your certification.

The colleges and state school programs you look into will typically offer classes in the following areas.

  • CPR and basic emergency training
  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Medical terminology
  • Venipuncture
  • Micro-capillary techniques

Some may offer additional courses as a means of helping you to expand your

knowledgebase, while some may require more clinical hours in order to successfully

graduate from the program.

Requirements for Phlebotomy Certification in Montana:

Montana is one of the states that does not strictly require phlebotomists to obtain

certification in order to work in a medical facility. However, today you would be hard

pressed to find a reputable medical facility that will hire you on if you do not have the

correct certification or at very least have extensive hands-on experience as a


In order to pass the certification exam, there are some things that you will need to


1. You should have completed your high school education, or an equivalency test

2. You should be able to speak, read, and communicate effectively in English

3. You need to complete the proper training course at an accredited organization

Montana Certification for Phlebotomy:

Getting your certification for phlebotomy in Montana means taking and passing the

American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP) exam. This can be accomplished

through one of several national phlebotomy licensing organizations.

American Society of Clinical Pathologists (ASCP)

American Medical Technologists (AMT)

National Center for Competency Testing (NCCT)

There are a great many benefits to obtaining your certification as a phlebotomist. Not

least of all is that it boosts your marketability when you enter the job market. Quality

healthcare facilities are going to ask their staff to be qualified, certified, and above


Not only will you be in demand in Montana medical facilities, but your nationally

recognized certification will allow you to secure a position as a phlebotomist in just

about any state in the country. It’s important to keep in mind that if you do plan on

relocating out of state that you verify the requirements for each city and state so that

you can get to work right away.

Maintaining your Phlebotomist License:

Your phlebotomy license will be valid for two years after you obtain it. It’s important that

you do not let your license lapse. This will not only mean that your position at work is at

risk, but it could also lead to a lengthy period of waiting for it to be renewed.

Staying on top of this can help you to stay employed and keep doing the work that you


A Bit of Extra Reading:

Find out where your favorite Montana city stacks up against others around the state.

Here is a suggested reading list for preparing for the certification exams.

Montana Schools Offering Training Courses:

Montana State University:

Montana State University offers a comprehensive Phlebotomy Technician Course. This

course provides 30 hours of online coursework, 15 hours of in-class instruction, and 100

hours of clinical lab experience. You will learn practical instruction that will prepare you

to take and pass the Certified Phlebotomy Exam.

View More Details Here:

Billings Adult Education:

Billings Adult Education offers opportunities for those looking for a low-cost certification

training course. The facility partners with local hospitals so that students can get the

valuable hands-on training needed to understand proper procedures. This is a good

course for those who may need additional instruction with learning English.

Visit Their Site:

The Lifelong Learning Center:

The Lifelong Learning Center guides students to learn how to successfully do the tasks

expected of a phlebotomist, including safety, comfort, preparing for emergency

situations, and much more. Students will be required to complete a background check.

More details on their website:

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