phlebotomy training in mississippi

Phlebotomy Training in Mississippi (MS)

Phlebotomy Certification in Mississippi

The state of Mississippi was named after the mighty Mississippi River, which can be

found flowing along the state’s western boundary. With incredible forests and

waterways to explore, Mississippi is an amazing destination for tourists to enjoy.

Some of the industries that contribute to the state’s economy include cotton, and catfish.

The catfish farms in the state are responsible for producing the majority of the farm-

raised catfish that is enjoyed across the country.

With a growing population of more than 3 million, the healthcare industry in the state is

seeing a moderate increase. The long summers are humid, while the winters short a

mild; allowing for plenty of time spent enjoying the great outdoors.

The cost of living in Mississippi is considered to be below the national average, which

can also reflect on the average salary for a phlebotomist. On average, you can expect

to earn $25,000 a year working for a medical facility. A number of factors will influence

your salary, including your location, your years of experience, and whether you hold your phlebotomy and other related

medical certifications.

Prerequisites for Phlebotomy Certification in Mississippi:

There are some states in the country that require certification for phlebotomists be

completed following local state guidelines, while others rely on national organizations to

oversee the certification process. Mississippi is one of the states that does not monitor

phlebotomy certifications within its borders, and it also actually does not mandate that

phlebotomists get their certification prior to working on patients.

It can be tempting to consider applying for a job based upon some experience that

you’ve had drawing blood, but in order to be seen as the best candidate for the position

when interviewing for a job with a medical facility, you should take a training course that

will prepare you to sit the phlebotomy certification exam in Mississippi.

General School Prerequisites:

There are some prerequisites that many educational organizations will require of you

prior to allowing you to participate in the course. These could include the following.

  • You should be 18 years old, or older.
  • You should have completed your high school education, or have completed the equivalency exam.
  • You should have a valid CPR certification from the American Red Cross.
  • Your immunizations should be up to date, and you may need to provide proof of this to the college.
  • Some schools may require that you undergo a background check. It’s important to note that many medical facilities will also request a background check prior to hiring you.
  • You should have some good basic computer skills, and you should also be able to effectively read, write, and communicate in English.

Finding the Right Phlebotomy Certification Training Courses, In Mississippi:

In order to get the best possible training to set you on the right career path, you should

ensure that you are taking your certification course through the right educational facility.

So just how do you determine which facility will help to meet your needs?

There are a few things that you should research so that you can be sure you are making the

right decisions. After all, this is your career and your future on the line.

Here are some tips to help you make sure that the school is the right fit for your long-

term goals:

1. Learn as much as you can about what the school’s facilities are like. Take a tour

and find out what the classrooms and labs look like. It’s also a good idea to ask if

the equipment used during training is what is currently being used in medical


2. Are there any supplies that you need to purchase? Knowing whether you may

need to purchase your own tools of the trade can help you to better budget for

what is needed

3. Ask some questions about the size of the classes, and ask what the instructor’s

qualifications are. At the very least, your instructors should be certified medical


4. Learn all that you can about what the total cost of the training program will be.

Will you need to pay for books, lab fees, or any other costs?

5. One of the most important things that you should inquire about is whether the

school is licensed and accredited. Accreditation will assure you that the programs

the school offers have been evaluated and verified to meet industry standards

It’s important to remember that no school can promise you employment once you finish

your training. The school also cannot make the promise that you will pass your

certification exam.

What to Expect from Your Certification Course:

Phlebotomy is a great career choice for many who enjoy working in the medical field. It

comes with a good amount of career stability. For those who plan on further expanding

on their career in the medical field, phlebotomy is a great first step. It is actually included

as a part of many medical assistant and nurse training courses.

So just what can you expect from your certification course?

There is sure to be some variation between what courses offer, and even in the length

of time the training course takes. But the core parts of your education will not vary too

much, as the goal of the training is to ready you to successfully past your certification


In general, your training course will take less than 6 months to complete. Many find that

they can complete both the classroom theory and the hands-on internships in one


Your phlebotomy certification training course will typically educate you on safety and

infection control, basic and advanced procedures, basic medical terminology, error

prevention, and much more.

Some Extra Reading

The average Phlebotomist’s salary varies based on where in Mississippi you live. Find out a bit more about where your city in Mississippi rates around the state:

To learn more about the certification exams, take the time to do a bit of reading up on

the organizations that facilitate the process:

American Medical Technologists (

American Society of Clinical Pathologists (

National Center for Competency Testing (

National Health Career Association (


Phlebotomy Training Schools in Mississippi:

There are dozens of schools and colleges that offer certification programs for Phlebotomy. These are just a few examples:

Hinds Community College:

Hinds Community College provides two courses for phlebotomy students to consider.

The first is a 160 hour course that include classroom instruction, lab time, and clinical

experience. Classes are held twice a week, for one semester. The college also offers a

fast-track course, which is an 80 hour class that meets one evening each week during a

semester. It includes 40 hours in the classroom and lab, and 40 hours of clinical

experience. Students must have completed 6 months of experience in a health-related

field in order to qualify for the fast-track program.

You can visit their official website here:

East Mississippi Community College:

East Mississippi Community College offers an 8 week class that provides students with

the foundations needed to become a qualified phlebotomist. The course also requires

100 hours of clinical experience.

Official Website:


Meridian Community College:

Meridian Community College offers a 140 hour class that includes 100 hours of clinical

rotations. Students must pass a background and drug test prior to starting the course;

students must also be current on vaccinations.


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