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Phlebotomy Training in Louisville KY

Phlebotomy Certification in Kentucky (KY):

Also known as the Bluegrass State, Kentucky boasts a number of great attractions that

make it a desirable place to both live and to visit. From the world’s longest system of

caves, coal mines, horse farms producing some of the best in racing, to Mammoth Cave

National Park and the lengthiest waterway and stream system in the country, Kentucky

is as diverse as it is beautiful.

Known for rich soil, Kentucky is a haven for farmers, and is the site of what was the first

commercial winery in the country. Goat and cattle farms, cornfields, and more take

advantage of the calcium-rich soil. Other industries in the state include automobile

manufacturing and coal mining.

With an estimated population of more than 4,400,000, Kentucky continues to see

growth as a result of the low cost of living and high quality of life. The average salary for

a phlebotomist is $28,000. This salary makes Kentucky a desirable location for phlebotomists

and other medical professionals.

Prerequisites for Phlebotomy Certification in Kentucky

Phlebotomy Training Louisville KY - Kentucky
The University of Pikeville is one of many places that employs Phlebotomists. Credit: Wikimedia

Kentucky is a state that does not officially require phlebotomists to hold a certification in order to work in their chosen field. That said, it is still prudent to do your part to pursue certification, even if you have been working as a phlebotomist for a medical facility. The reason for this is that holding that certification in your hand can easily boost your marketability if you start looking for another job, and it will also allow you to maximize your earnings potential.

There are some prerequisites that you should be aware of when you start looking into schools in Kentucky. While most schools will require the same things from you, there may be some variations, so be sure to ask plenty of questions when you are looking into your options.

  • Age is very often a factor, as most schools will not accept students younger than


  • Holding a high school diploma or GED is often a must-have.
  • You may need to submit to a criminal background check.
  • You may need to undergo a drug test.
  • Being able to communicate with patients is essential, so you may need to

    demonstrate that you are fluent in English.

  • Do your homework before evening signing up for a training class, so that you are as

    prepared as you can possibly be. Keep in mind that many schools will also require that

    you get malpractice insurance prior to working with patients.

    More about the Exam:

    Once you are ready to take the exam you’ll find that it’s helpful to know a little bit about

    what to expect. Perhaps the most important thing to pay attention to is that the exam is

    a timed exam. If you have done your part to learn what was taught during your training

    courses, you’ll have no problem finishing the test in the allotted time, however.

    The tests are adaptive to your skill levels. What this means is that with each correct

    answer that you provide, the next questions will increase slightly in difficulty. This can

    sometimes be an intimidating idea, but again if you are knowledgeable about

    phlebotomy, you’ll have no problem completing the exam and answering all of the


    Maintaining Your Certification, and Refreshers:

    Once you have your certification in hand, it will be good for a full two years. With it in

    hand, you can command a higher salary and of course find employment as a

    phlebotomist in just about any medical facility.

    Once your two years draws to a close it’s important that you do your part to renew your

    certification so that you don’t need to worry about risking the loss of your job once your

    employer realizes that your certification has expired.

    If you wait too long to get your phlebotomy certification renewed you might be required

    to take a refresher course. A refresher course can actually prove to be very beneficial,

    particularly if it has been some years since you first earned your certification.

    Where Phlebotomists Can Find Work in KY:

    It’s quite the broad brush to say that you can work in the medical field as a

    phlebotomist, but just what kind of working environments could you find yourself in?

    Nursing homes are always in need of compassionate phlebotomists with a gentle touch.

    It can be quite a challenge to do a blood draw on those with thin veins, so it’s important

    that you have a steady hand and a soothing demeanor. A soothing demeanor will also

    stand you in good stead working in a NICU, a children’s hospital, or in a pediatrician’s


    Hospitals need phlebotomists to work in various departments, from pre-op to the ER,

    there is no shortage of opportunity in a hospital. You could also find work in a

    community clinic or private blood donor bank.

    One thing is for sure, when you are armed with your phlebotomy certification, you are

    assured of landing a great position no matter which part of Kentucky you live in.

    Getting Phlebotomy Training in Kentucky:

    Ashland Community and Technical College:

    Ashland Community and Technical College is located in Ashland. This affordable

    community college offers an 8 week long course, with two evening classes a week. With

    a total of 200 hours for the course, students will be prepared to take and pass the

    certification exam.

    ATA College:

    ATA College is located in Louisville, making it an easy choice for those who live in and

    around the city. This 10 month long program will provide classroom instruction, time in

    the lab, and hands-on clinical rotations.

    Campbellsville University:

    Campbellsville University offers a phlebotomy course that includes 42 classroom hours,

    and 100 hours of clinical rotations. Classes are taught by qualified medical

    professionals who are focused on helping students pass the certification exam.

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