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Phlebotomy Training in Cleveland, Ohio

Phlebotomy Training in Cleveland:

Sitting on the southern shore of Lake Erie, and home to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame,

Cleveland boasts a diversified economy that is inclusive of financial services,

manufacturing, biomedical and healthcare. It is a great city for those in the healthcare

field to live, play, and of course, to work.

The population of the city of Cleveland is more than 2 million, and that does not include

the population expanding into the neighboring suburbs. While the winters might be a bit

on the blustery side, with sometimes heavy snow, residents of Cleveland do enjoy their

outdoor sports and activities.

As a qualified healthcare professional, you’ll find that your skills as a phlebotomist are in

high demand. The average salary for a phlebotomist in Cleveland is $31,000. Salary

can of course be impacted by a number of factors that include years of experience, and


Quickest Steps to your Phlebotomy Certification:

Starting your career in the healthcare field is quite an easy process. Phlebotomy is a

great career choice, and it can also serve as a very useful introductory job in health

care. In fact, many who become certified phlebotomists actually go on to pursue further

careers in healthcare. Working as a phlebotomist allows you to become comfortable

working with patients and other medical professionals, and it also allows you that

valuable foundation upon which to establish your healthcare knowledge.

Many go on to pursue careers as medical assistants, registered nurses, and other

specialties that could include ultrasound tech.

Here are the steps that you need to take in order to pursue your career as a


  • Do some researching into the requirements of the job so that you can be sure it

    is the right choice for you.

  • Find the right training course to meet your needs. Some courses offer just the

    training needed for passing your phlebotomy certification, while others may offer

    the course as a part of a 2 year associate degree program.

  • Some courses may last just one semester, anywhere from 4 to 6 months, so be

    certain that you find one that will in with your current obligations.

  • Once you have finished your training, you can then sit the phlebotomy

    certification exam. The exam is a written test that will assess your theoretical and

    practical knowledge.

What to Expect from Phlebotomy Certification Courses:

Each course may offer slight variations, but as the goal is to get you prepared to pass

your certification exam, you will find that the core content of the courses you look into

will not alter much. Quite a few areas of study will be covered so that you have a firm

grasp on all aspects of the position.

A good phlebotomist is more than someone who can quickly take blood and other

samples from a patient. A truly great phlebotomist is someone who can make the

experience smoother for patients.

Some of the areas that you’ll cover through your certification course will include the


  • Basic medical terminology
  • Patient care
  • Procedures for drawing blood from fingers, veins, and other areas like on the

    heels of infants.

  • Safety procedures
  • Infection control
  • Handling of specimens
  • Patient privacy and potential legal concerns

As most courses offer the instruction period in a classroom setting, and also hands-on

clinical experience, you’ll also need to meet the requirements of the course while

working with patients. You will generally need to perform 100 successful draws on

patients, under the supervision of a medical assistant or nurse.

Finding the Right Training Program:

phlebotomy training cleveland
Cuyahoga Community College offers Phlebotomy Certification Courses Image Credit:

With numerous training programs available, it can be a challenge to find the right one to

meet your needs. You may already be working full time, or have a family to care for; this

can make it a challenge to work your education into your schedule. There are many

programs that meet once a week, in the evenings, on the weekends, or even offer

online instruction so that you can learn as it’s best for you.

As you start looking into your options, you’ll recognize that there are some prerequisites

that you need to take into account. Some schools may also have absolutely no

prerequisites beyond your needing to prove that you have completed high school.

You may find that it’s quite common to expect you to have completed a CPR certification

course. This is easily accomplished, and you may find that your preferred school may

also offer the certification course.

Be sure to look into the costs of the program, and also find out if there are any options

for financial assistance. Many schools will offer payment plans that can be adjusted to

meet your budget needs.

Another important consideration is to ensure that the school you are considering is

accredited. Not only does this assure you of a good solid education, but it also assures

you that your school adheres to the requirements set by the certification organizations.

College Options for Phlebotomy Certification Training:

Cuyahoga Community College

Cuyahoga Community College boasts a curriculum that offers all aspects of the

phlebotomist’s duties. It also includes an 8 week clinical rotation for the hands-on

experience needed to meet the requirements of certification.

View Their Website:

Cleveland Community College

Cleveland Community College offers a program that lasts for one semester. Classes are

very small, so students are encouraged to get their applications in early so that they are

assured a better shot at getting into the class.


The Cleveland Clinic

The Cleveland Clinic is staffed by medical professionals who each have a passion for

helping and healing. Through their phlebotomy training course, you’ll get hand-on

experience working directly with patients, and learn all that is needed in order to pass

the certification exam.



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