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Phlebotomy Training Delaware

Phlebotomist Training Requirements for Delaware:

Delaware, the smallest state by area, is home to almost a million people whose capital is Dover and largest city is Wilmington. A destination for vacationers and home to academics and business people, if you are living or want to live in Delaware and are interested in becoming a phlebotomist, here are a few things you should know:
It’s really pretty straightforward to become a phlebotomist in Delaware. The best techs are friendly, flexible, well-organized and can deal with a lot of different people who may have a variety of problems and conditions.
You will deal with healthy people too, but there tend to be less of them.
Safety and cleanliness as well as attention to detail are among the most important traits in this business.
The Delaware Division of Professional Regulation does NOT require phlebotomists to be certified although a certificate for Phlebotomy is attractive to employers in Delaware since most prefer proof of quality and skill. So we highly recommend that you get certified! To do so, you have to complete your Phlebotomy training and pass a Phlebotomy certification exam. Many employers require that you become nationally certified by one of the following agencies:

National Phlebotomy Certification Agencies:

National Center for Competency Testing 145 test questions must be answered over 2.5 hours. Written evidence of clinical competency is required.
American Medical Technologists. Phlebotomist. Requires work experience, oral or written exam, renewal every three years through CEU and re-examination.
American Society for Clinical Pathology, Phlebotomy Technician (PBT, ASCP). Requires training or work experience, oral or written exam, renewal every ten years, can renew through CEU
American Society of Phlebotomy Technicians, Phlebotomist. Requires practical exam, written exam, annual CEUs to maintain certification
National Phlebotomy Association. Phlebotomist. Requires oral or written exam
There are many advantages to becoming certified, but most important is that you become a much more valuable candidate. Depending on the program you choose and the types of courses you take, phlebotomy training in Delaware can take between several weeks to months.

In general, expect to:

  • Submit your High School or GED transcripts
  • Pass a background check and drug test
  • Complete up to 40 hours of didactic (classroom) training
  • Complete up to 40 hours of practical training
  • Prove that you are capable of as many as 100 venipunctures and 10 skin collections

Just keep in mind that you should pick the school that gives you the most practical experience with the time you have. That is to say, the more “sticks” the better!
Even though there are no real requirements for a phlebotomist in the state of Delaware, you can be hired immediately upon graduating High School or receiving your GED, but virtually all agencies will prioritize someone who has additional training in addition to national or other accredited certification.
Professional phlebotomy certifications are different than postsecondary certificates (entry-level credentials) in that they certify that you have received specialized training through specific accredited organizations.
Listed below are two major Phlebotomy programs in Delaware:
Dover Career Institute. Phlebotomy Technician Training Program. 5 week program, didactic and clinical training. Short-term certificate program. May require further field experience before sitting for national certification exams.
Delaware Technical Community College. Certified Phlebotomy Technician Training Program. 135 class hours over 7 weeks. Didactic and clinical training permits eligibility for national certification exam.

Phlebotomy Schools in Delaware:

phlebotomy training delaware - certification schools
The University of Delaware is one of many institutions that offer Phlebotomy training programs. Image Credit:Wikimedia Commons

Dawn Career Institute:

Dawn Career Institute offers four different options for their Medical Assistant training. The 30-week programs can be taken as day classes, night classes, or in a ‘blended’ format, which combined online study and classroom instruction. They also offer a 35-week online training program.

Official Website:

University of Delaware:

The University of Delaware’s Department of Medical Laboratory Sciences offers a Phlebotomy practicum course the theory and performance of Phlebotomy.

View more details here:

More Delaware Phlebotomy Schools:

This is a free list of community colleges and educational institutions that offer Phlebotomy certification programs at their schools:

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