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Phlebotomy Training Chicago

Phlebotomy Training in Chicago, IL

As the third-most populous city in the country, Chicago boasts more than 2.7 million

residents. The Windy City, as it is often affectionately called, has a rich history and

vibrant cultural atmosphere blends seamlessly to help promote tourism to this amazing


Situated on the southwestern shore of Lake Michigan, Chicago is a city that offers

something for everyone to appreciate. The architecture alone is a big draw for tourists,

but the public art, monuments, museums, and outdoor activities also prove to be a big


Chicago is also a major global financial center, entertainment mecca, and is home to a

number of large companies.

With almost 10 million residents making up the areas outside of the city itself, Chicago

has an ever-growing need for healthcare professionals. The average salary for a

phlebotomist in Chicago is $32,800. A qualified phlebotomist with good experience in

his or her corner can potentially earn up to $40,000 a year.

If you’re looking for employment outside of the Chicago area (but still in the state of Illinois),

check out our Illinois Phlebotomy certification guide.

Pursuing Your Career in the Medical Field:

Working as a phlebotomist is a great career for anyone with a passion for the healthcare

field. It is also a solid stepping stone for those who are interested in broadening their

medical specialties. Working as a phlebotomist you’ll be able to earn a good living while

studying to further your education and your career prospects.

It is important to note that the State of Illinois does not mandate phlebotomists have

their certification prior to working with patients. There are however some valid things to

consider. Perhaps the most important consideration is that you’ll be much more of a

desirable candidate to hiring coordinators at medical facilities you apply with. This is

because they know that having earned your phlebotomy certification you are fully

qualified to do your job. Even if you have been working as a phlebotomist for years,

without your certification, you’ll have much more hiring clout once you obtain it.

In order to start the process of becoming a phlebotomist, you should do some research

into Chicago area schools that offer training courses. Each school may have its own set

of prerequisites that need to be addressed prior to enrollment, but there are some things

that you will find in common amongst all of them.

  • You must be at least 18 years old.
  • You should have your transcripts demonstrating that you graduated from high

    school, or can provide evidence of having passed an equivalency exam.

  • Your English communication skills should be excellent. Of course, it can only help

    you with your employment options if you are fluent in multiple languages

  • You should be current on your vaccinations, and potentially need to pass a TB

    skin test.

  • You will need to be able to get malpractice insurance.
  • You may need to already have a CPR certification in hand.

Be sure to find out what else may be expected from you, particularly as applies to

financial obligations.

What to Expect From Phlebotomy Certification Courses:

Many of the phlebotomy certification courses take just one semester, or less than 6

months, to complete. Each course will be essentially split into three sections. The first

will involve classroom instruction, while the second will often be hands-on lab

experience, and the third will be the hands-on clinical rotation that will allow you to work

directly with patients.

Some of the areas that will be covered during the course of your training could include

the following:

  • Learning about safety and infection control guidelines.
  • Learning the best methods of reassuring patients.
  • Phlebotomy procedures.
  • Basic medical terminology.
  • Preventing errors in the lab.
  • Effective communication.
  • Data entry and other basic computer skills

During your clinical rotation, you will need to perform a minimum number of blood draws

on patients in order to successfully meet all of the requirements of the class that you are


Where You Could Find Yourself Working:

phlebotomy training chicago - blood donor clinics
Blood Donor Clinics are one of the largest employers of Phlebotomists. Image Credit: The Guardian

The happy truth is that anywhere there is a need for qualified medical professionals,

there is going to be a need for certified phlebotomists to take blood and other vital


You could find yourself working in multiple departments in a busy hospital, or perhaps

spending your time in the emergency room alone. You could find yourself working with

the babies in the NICU or the adults in critical care. You may find work in a private

practice, nursing home, community outreach clinic, home-health service, or for a blood


There are many options available to those who have the right qualifications and have

the right certification in hand. While it’s not compulsory to have your phlebotomy

certification in order to perform the duties of the job, it will definitely make you a much

more appealing candidate to potential employers.

Getting Trained for your Phlebotomy Certification:

There are a number of accredited educational facilities around Chicago that can help

you on your path to being a phlebotomist:

City Colleges of Chicago:

City Colleges of Chicago has a number of campuses in and around the city. Offering a

comprehensive phlebotomist program, this school will require transcripts, a background

check, drug screening, and proof of health insurance.


Midwestern Career College:

Midwestern Career College provides a number of courses for furthering your education

in the medical field. The phlebotomy course runs for 4 months, and is also eligible for

financial aid.


Moraine Valley Community College:

Moraine Valley Community College requires that all students obtain a physical exam

that includes testing for tuberculosis. The phlebotomy course runs for one semester,

and will prepare students for sitting the certification exam. Students also required to

have proof of being CPR certified.


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