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Phlebotomy Certification Miami, FL

Phlebotomy Certification in Miami, FL:

With a rich and vibrant culture and amazing beaches just waiting to be explored, Miami

is one of the most popular destinations for Florida natives and tourists alike. Miami is a

beautiful and thriving city that offers year-round outdoor activities and adventure.

From getting out on the water for some great sports and recreation to taking in a game

at one of the major stadiums, or hopping on a cruise from one of the major ports, there’s

no end of things to do, see, experience, and taste in Miami.

The cost of living in Miami proper can prove to be somewhat on the costly side, but that

is due to the desirability of ocean-front properties by the more than 420,000 people

calling the city home. Moving a bit further out into the suburbs can provide a bit more in

terms of affordability.

As a certified phlebotomist you could expect to command an average salary of $29,000.

This salary could be impacted by a number of factors, including your years of

experience and where you find yourself working.

If you live in Florida but outside of Miami, we have a certification guide for Florida as well.

Prerequisites for Phlebotomy Certification in Miami:

There are a handful of states that have strict state-level certifications for phlebotomists.

Others, like Florida rely on national organizations to oversee the certification process.

The State of Florida actually does not mandate that phlebotomists get their certification

prior to working on patients.

If you have experience doing blood draws on patients, without formal training or

certification, it can be tempting to think about applying for a job as a phlebotomist, but

the reality is that if you want to be considered as the best candidate for the job, you will

need to take the training and sit the exam.

There are some prerequisites that many colleges and organizations will require prior to

allowing students to enrol in the course. These could include the following:

  • Students should be 18 years old. Some may allow students to take the practical

    portion of the training, but you will not be allowed to work on patients until you

    are 18 years of age.

  • Students should have proof of having completed a high school education, or

    have completed the equivalency exam.

  • Having a valid CPR certification from the American Red Cross is often required.
  • Immunizations should be up to date and some additional immunizations may be

    required prior to working with patients.

  • A background check is going to generally be required prior to working with


  • You may have to do a test to evaluate your English skills, to ensure that you can

    read, write, and communicate fluently. It’s important to remember that in Miami

    you may also need to speak fluent Spanish so that you can communicate with

    your patients.

Keep in mind that phlebotomy works well often as a starting point for a long and

rewarding career in the healthcare field.

Finding Phlebotomy Training Courses In Miami:

To ensure that you are getting the best possible education, you will need to select the

right educational facility.

But how do you figure out which school is going to help you get the training that you

need and meet all of your other needs? There are some things that you should take the

time to look into so that you are assured of making the right choices. After all, this is

your future at stake.

Here are some tips to help you make sure that the school you’re picking is the right

choice for your needs:

  • Learn as much as you can about the school’s facilities. Take a tour and see what

    the classrooms and labs look like. It’s also smart to find out if the equipment used

    during training is what is currently being used in medical facilities.

  • Are there supplies that you need to have before class? This can help you to

    budget better.

  • Ask about the size of the classes so that you’re assured of the right type of

    attention during class.

  • Ask about the instructor’s qualifications are. Your instructors should be certified

    medical assistants, at the very least.

  • Ask about all costs involved. Will you need to pay for books, lab fees, or any

    other costs?

  • Make sure that the school is accredited. Accreditation will assure you that the

    programs the school offers have been evaluated and verified to meet industry


Keep in mind that the school cannot promise you will land a job after you’ve done your

training, and they can also not make the promise that you’ll pass your exam. This is

entirely based upon the effort that you put into it.

Knowing what to Expect:

Phlebotomy is a good option for those who are interested in working in the medical field.

It offers a fair bit of career stability. For those who plan on further expanding on their

career in the medical field, phlebotomy is a great first step. It is actually included as a

part of many medical assistant and nurse training courses.

There will be a little bit of variation in the materials and coursework offered by various

schools, and there can also be a difference in the length of time the training course


The core parts of your training will not vary too much, as the end goal of the training is

to ready you to pass your certification exam.

In general, your training course will take less than 6 months to complete. Many find that

they can complete both the classroom theory and the hands-on internships in one


Your phlebotomy certification training course will typically educate you on safety and

infection control, basic and advanced procedures, basic medical terminology, error

prevention, and much more.

Finding Phlebotomy Schools in Miami:

phlebotomy training in miami fl
Lindsey Hopkins Technical College offers a Phlebotomy certification course. Image

Lindsey Hopkins Technical College:

Lindsey Hopkins Technical College offers a comprehensive phlebotomy training course.

Students are required to take the test of adult basic education, complete the required

paperwork, and undergo a physical exam prior to being allowed to enroll.

Active Health Institute:

Active Health Institute offers a range of medical certification training courses,

students are trained to ensure they are confident when working with patients, and of

course confident that they can pass their certification exam.

Lincoln Technical College:

Lincoln Technical College offers an intensive dual-certification program. This program

has been designed to prepare students for careers in phlebotomy and as an EKG

technician both. It includes a clinical rotation of 120 hours so that students can get

hands-on experience.

More Phlebotomy Schools in Miami, FL:

Feel free to use our free directory of schools offering Phlebotomy training programs in

and around the Miami area.

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