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Phlebotomy Training in Philadelphia

phlebotomy training in philadelphia

Phlebotomy Certification in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: With a reputation as the economic center of the State of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia is home to several Fortune 1000 companies. With a rich culture that includes the arts, music, and cuisine, Philadelphia is a contemporary city steeped in history. Tourism remains one of the largest contributors to the economy of the city, with a number of attractions and professional sports luring in visitors. Home to more than 1,550,000 residents, Philadelphia …

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Phlebotomy Certification California

phlebotomy training california featured image

Phlebotomy Certification in California: California has their own way of doing things, and Phlebotomy certification is no exception. The steps needed to become a fully-certified Phlebotomist are unique to this State. And since California is the world’s 8th largest economy, there is a huge demand for Phlebotomists in this state. According to Salary.com, the median salary for a Phlebotomist in Los Angeles is $34,128/year, which is above the national average. There are also far more …

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How to Become a Phlebotomist

How to become a phlebotomist - featured image

The Definitive Guide on Becoming a Phlebotomist. So you’re interested in choosing Phlebotomy as your new career. Congratulations! To help you out we’ve created a simple how-to guide to help everyone and anyone interested in achieving certification. We have carefully divided up our guide to becoming a Phlebotomist into steps: 1) Getting the necessary education, 2) Applying for a job, and 3) Becoming a successful employee. Part 1: Getting Educated State Differences in Phlebotomy Certification: …

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