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Phlebotomy Training NYC

Phlebotomy Training in NYC

The City of New York is not only the most populous city in the country, but is one of the

most visited tourist destinations. NYC has a well-earned reputation as a global

powerhouse, and has a major impact on a number of industries. From finance to

commerce to art, media, fashion, and entertainment, NYC is oft described at the

financial and cultural capital of the world.

Museums, parks, architectural wonders, Broadway, sporting events, and more make this

vibrant city an incredible place to work and live.

Living in the city can be quite costly, but the expansive public transportation system

makes it an easy commute for those who live out of the city itself. An estimated

8,405,000 people call New York City Home.

As a certified phlebotomist in New York City you could expect to see an average salary

of $36,000. This higher than the national average salary is a reflection on the higher

cost of living in the city.

Becoming a Certified Phlebotomist in NYC:

There are only four states in the United States that require you to hold your

phlebotomist certification, but New York State is not one of them. What this means is

that you will not strictly need to have your certification in hand prior to working with

patients. Many medical professionals have worked for years successfully performing the

duties of a phlebotomist, without holding their certification.

However, there are however some really good reasons for getting your phlebotomy

certification that you need to consider:

1. Even if you have worked for decades in the medical professional, there are some

great benefits that can come from learning the most up-to-date methods and

procedures in a classroom setting. Everyone can benefit from a refresher course

at some point during his or her career

2. The fact is that taking phlebotomy training courses will give you the knowledge

that you may not otherwise get from hands-on experience only. You’ll learn safety

methods, proper safety protocols, and other methods that will help you to keep

yourself and your patients safe

3. You will learn great skills that will help you to keep your patients calm during the

process, and also learn how to work under different environments or with

challenging patients

4. During training you will learn proper labeling and laboratory procedures, as well

as proper methods for the collection of non-blood specimens

5. Potential employers will be able to verify that you successfully passed your

exam, and therefore do have the skills that they are looking for

Remember that you will be able to boost your marketability when you hold your

phlebotomy certification.

Taking Phlebotomy Training Courses:

There are a number of great training facilities in and around New York City. It’s

important that you select the one that can offer you the schedule that will work with your

other responsibilities. Many folks juggle a full time job and a family while taking their

training courses, so you’ll find that there are some good options that will work for you;

including some options that will include taking the classroom portion online. Flexibility

can prove to be a key part to your future success.

Another factor to consider is the financial aid options that will be available to you. Do

your part to find a program that offers financing that will work with your budget. Some

schools do offer aid programs or payment plans, it’s just a matter of finding them.

What to Expect from Training

The majority of reputable schools will have a slew of prerequisites for you to cover prior

to taking the classes or working with patients. These could include being at least 18

years old, holding your CPR certificate, and of course having a high school diploma in


You may also need to show proof of malpractice insurance, along with evidence that

you are current on all of your vaccinations.

Knowing what to expect from your training course can help you to better prepare.

You will need to do a certain number of hours in a classroom setting, and you will also

need to do a certain number of hours working hands-on with patients during clinical


Specific areas you’ll learn about could include the following:

  • Medical terminology
  • Safety protocols
  • Patient care
  • Clerical and data entry functions
  • Correct labeling
  • Specimen collections

There are a number of areas that will be covered during your phlebotomy certification

training courses; all focused at helping you to be prepared to pass your national


License Renewal and Further Education:

Keeping up with your license is an important part of ensuring that you can continue

doing the work that you love. Your license will need to be renewed every two years, so

be sure that you keep track of it.

Phlebotomy is often a great launching board for other careers in the healthcare field.

Many become certified as a phlebotomist so that they can get to work immediately in

the field that they are passionate about, while continuing their education to become a

medical assistant, ultrasound technician, nurse assistant, and more.

Finding Phlebotomy Training in NYC:

phlebotomy training nyc - new york city
The New York Institute of Medical Careers offers a Phlebotomy certification program. Image Credit:

Ace Institute of Technology:

Ace Institute of Technology offers a comprehensive training course that will get students

ready for passing the certification exam. Some prerequisites include a criminal

background check and drug test.

Manhattan Institute

Manhattan Institute offers a flexible schedule for students, along with options for

payment plans. Students will learn both classroom techniques and get hands-on training

to meet the requirements of the course.

New York Institute of Medical Careers

New York Institute of Medical Careers provides a great training course for those

interested in pursuing a career as a phlebotomy technician. The school also offers

additional courses for expanding upon your medical career.

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