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Phlebotomy Training in New Mexico

New Mexico was actually named by Spanish Explorers in 1563, long before the nation we now know as Mexico changed its name in 1892 as it was formerly known as New Spain. The two neighbors actually evolved independently, though New Mexico has the highest percentage of Hispanics including recent immigrants of Latin America and descendants of Spanish colonists. For the over 2 million people who call it home, Santa Fe is the capital, though Albuquerque holds the largest of New Mexico’s population.

The average starting salary for a phlebotomist in Albuquerque is about $28,780 which is slightly below the national average. In Santa Fe you can expect to start at around $27, 868 per year, and smaller cities like Hobbs start at around $22,000 per year.

Since New Mexico is a state with a lower population density there aren’t as many current job openings for phlebotomists as you might find in other states, but there are still jobs available. A quick search shows job postings for research labs, community health centers, nursing homes, and hospitals in New Mexico cities such as La Cruces, Hobbs, Albuquerque, and Deming. Right now there are about 430 people employed as phlebotomists in the state of New Mexico.

Requirements for Phlebotomy Training in New Mexico

phlebotomy school new mexicoAlthough the state of New Mexico does not legally require phlebotomy technicians to be certified, most reputable employers will want you to provide proof of certification. If you have previous experience working in a health care field where drawing blood was a part of your duties you will likely be able to get certified more quickly. Please see the list of certifying agencies below.

Not to worry if you haven’t worked in the health care field before, with proper training from an accredited school and a certificate from a nationally recognized agency you will be in good shape to find employment as a phlebotomist in the state of New Mexico. Some helpful background and characteristics for people seeking employment in the field of phlebotomy are:

  • • A friendly and personable attitude and demeanor
  • • Customer service or other prior work experience where you dealt with a wide variety of people
  • • Excellent attention to cleanliness and prior experience working in an environment with strict protocols related to cleanliness and safety
  • • A strong immune system, it depends on where you work but it is most likely that the majority of your patients will be sick

National Certification Agencies for Phlebotomists Recognized in New Mexico

Several schools include certification as part of their training program. If not, or you have prior health care experience where you gained on the job training to become a phlebotomist you can gain certification through one of the following nationally recognized agencies:

Phlebotomy Training Schools in New Mexico

In general most phlebotomy technician training programs will:

  • • Take three to 6 months to complete, depending on how many days a week the program runs. Some courses are designed to be taken on evenings and weekends so that you can maintain other employment while you are completing your certification to become a phlebotomist.
  • • Expect you to submit your high school or GED transcripts, as well as pass a background and drug test to be accepted into the program. Even though you won’t be working with prescription drugs as a phlebotomist, it’s quite likely that you will be working in facilities that store and use them so passing a background and drug test is standard for most health care positions.
  • • Require about 40 hours of classroom training, as well as about 40 hours of ‘hands-on’ practical training.
  • • Require you to provide proof of up to 100 venipunctures and up to 10 skin punctures

Remember that there are many different training programs out there, you should find the one that works best with your schedule that will give you the most amount of hands-on training. The more ‘sticks’ you can practice before seeking a job in the field of phlebotomy the better your chances will be of getting hired.

Below is a list of schools with phlebotomy training programs in New Mexico:

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