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Phlebotomy Training in Nevada

Question: What is the capital of Nevada? Answer: Carson City. Not,… as many trivial pursuit players find, the biggest, baddest city: Las Vegas, where many of Nevada’s 2.8 million people reside. In addition to its flash and cash, Nevada is also home to the amazing Mojave Desert and Lake Tahoe. Beckoning tourists with both sand, snow and its libertarian laws, Nevada historically attracts considerable influx of all walks of life. The state lead the way in legalizing gambling in the 1900s and established lenient laws regulating marriage and divorce. Regulation of Phlebotomists, however, is stricter than many states and is regulated by the Department of Health and Human Services, Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health (DPBH).

The average salary for a new phlebotomist in Nevada is around $28,000 per year which is a little higher than the national average. It will depend on which city you are planning on working in, bigger cities such as Carson and Las Vegas will typically have higher starting salaries.

Phlebotomy Training in Nevada Requirements

phlebotomy training and certification nevadaThe requirements and process for becoming a phlebotomist in the state of Nevada differs slightly from other states, as in Nevada phlebotomists fall under the umbrella of office laboratory assistants. You are required to complete lab certification training, and once you are certified as a Laboratory Assistant you will be qualified to work in either laboratories or doctor’s offices. The general requirements of being able to adapt to dealing with a variety of people with a variety of problems, friendly and personable, and strict adherence to cleanliness and safety protocols are still very important as well. As with any career in the medical field where you will be working closely with patients, it may not be for you if you have a low or suppressed immune system since most of your clients will be sick and possibly contagious people.

Becoming a Certified Laboratory Assistant in Nevada

To be employed as a Phlebotomist, you must also satisfy requirements as a Laboratory Assistant which is a multidisciplinary course of study. The duration of the programs vary slightly, averaging 33 credit hours. Entry into most programs require that you:

  1. Are a High School Graduate, or possess a GED, or equivalent,
  2. Show proof of health insurance and passing a physical exam
  3. Pass all admission requirements set out by individual programs
  4. Note that some programs may be restricted. For checklist and more information go to the limited entry programs website.

All programs are both didactic and practical and will prepare you to work in a clinical setting. Externships are required and upon successful completion of the program, a Certificate of Achievement is awarded and you become eligible to take a national certification exam for Phlebotomy Technician and can then apply for a Nevada State licensure as a Laboratory Assistant.
National Certification must be renewed every 2 years through CEUs and pay a fee specific for each agency. Maintaining your certification is important since it will impact your desirability as a candidate and your salary level. National certification is available by applying to one of the following agencies:

Further information on Medical Laboratory Assistant training in Nevada can be found at the College of Southern Nevada website.

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