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Phlebotomy Training Los Angeles

Phlebotomy Certification in Los Angeles:

The City of Angels, Los Angeles holds the distinction of being the second-largest city in

the country, behind New York City. With a population that exceeds 3,700,000, it is the

most populous of all cities in the state of California.

LA is a city with a booming economy that is fueled the many industries that call the city

home. From Hollywood and celebrity studded streets to business and international

trade, global media giants, high fashion, sports, education, research, and of course the

healthcare industry.

The cost of living inside the city limits can be quite high, even for California standards.

But this also reflects on the salaries that are offered in this very wealth-infused city.

Phlebotomists in Los Angeles can expect to earn an average of $34,000 (source: This salary

could be impacted by a few factors, but is still considered to be good compensation for

this line of work.

The Certification Process in Los Angeles:

If you have your national certification from having worked in another state, it is important

to recognize that the State of California has strict regulations in place for those who

work as a phlebotomist (you can read our Certification guide for California for more information). Some states do not require

that medical professionals hold a phlebotomy certification in order to do blood draws. However, the State of California does.

The California Department of Public Heath oversees the certification process, and

evaluates whether individuals are qualified to work as phlebotomists.

Medical professionals who are licenses as nurses, physicians, and clinical lab scientists

can perform blood draws without the need to obtain a separate certification for

phlebotomy. Medical assistants can only do blood draws in a physician’s office, and

must be supervised. For those who want to work strictly as phlebotomists, there are

three types of certifications that can be pursued. Keep in mind that phlebotomy is a

great stepping stone on to other careers in the medical field.

California offers three phlebotomy certification types.

1. The Limited Phlebotomy Technician (LPT) can only do skin puncture blood

2. The Certified Phlebotomy Technician-1 (CPT-1) can only perform skin

3. The CPT-2 is permitted to do finger sticks, venipuncture and also arterial

collections; i.e. finger sticks puncture blood collections, and also do venipuncture collections blood draws

Phlebotomists are not permitted to perform any point of care testing. This could include,

as an example, doing a glucose test on a patient. Blood draws can only be performed

with the signed order of a licensed physician.

How Do You Get Your Phlebotomy Certification in Los Angeles?

The first step to getting any of the three types of phlebotomy certifications is to complete a

phlebotomy training program at a State approved training facility. The requirements for

phlebotomy certification also differ for each of the three types of phlebotomy technicians. All

programs do require that students have graduated from high school, or have the equivalency in


  1. The Limited Phlebotomy Technician (LPT) program requires 20 hours of classroom

    instruction. The LPT must also complete 25 successful skin punctures on patients in a

    clinic setting

  2. The Certified Phlebotomy Technician-1 (CPT-1) program requires 20 hours of classroom

    instruction, 20 hours of advanced instruction, and 40 hours of practical instruction. The

    CPT-1 must also complete skin punctures and 50 successful venipunctures

  3. The CPT-2 is required to have 1040 hours of on-the-job experience as a CPT-1. The CPT-

    2 must also complete an additional 20 hours of advanced classes, and also 20 successful

    arterial punctures, under supervision.

Once you have your certification in hand, you will be able to work in any medical facility in the

State of California.

National Certifications and Renewals:

Moving to Los Angeles from another state will very often mean that you need to take the steps to

obtain your phlebotomy certification all over again, as per the strict guidelines put in place by the

State of California.

Some states do not require those performing blood draws to be licensed phlebotomists, but

California does. All individuals working as a phlebotomist must obtain the right training and

certifications prior to working with patients.

If you have earned your national certification as a phlebotomist, you’ll find that it is not

sufficient to land a job in Los Angeles.

The good news however is that once you have earned your phlebotomy certification in Los

Angeles, you’ll be able to get work in any medical facility in the State of California.

The state does not require that you maintain your national certification, so it up entirely your

choice as to whether you want to renew it when it expires. Your certification for the state will be

valid for two years. Be sure to keep up with renewing your phlebotomy certification so that you

don’t inadvertently find yourself unable to keep the job that you love.

Selecting the right Training School:

Remember that you must complete your phlebotomy training at one of the training facilities that

has been approved by the state. You may opt for an online program through an out of state

facility that might not necessarily meet the requirements of the State of California

LA Vocational Institute

The LA Vocational Institute is located in the heart of the city. The 4 week program spans 115

hours, and will offer students the classroom instruction, along with the hours needed for clinical


Their Official Website:

The California School of Health Science

The California School of Health Science offers both classroom and online instruction options.

The course is affordable for all budgets, and will prepare students to take the certification exams.

The UCLA Center for Prehospital Care offers a comprehensive course that covers all aspects of

the duties of a phlebotomist. UCLA also requires that students take a Phlebotomy preparation

course, prior to taking the certification course. The prep course addresses the areas that students

are most often found to struggle with.

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