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Phlebotomy Training in TN (Tennessee)

Phlebotomy Certification in Tennessee (TN):

With the picturesque Appalachian Mountains in the east, and the Mississippi River in

the west, Tennessee offers incredible opportunity for getting out and exploring the great

outdoors. Known for its role in the development of some of the most popular types of

music in the world, including country, blues, and of course rock and roll, Tennessee is a

vibrant and fun-filled state.

There are three major industries contributing to the economy of Tennessee, including

manufacturing, agriculture, and tourism. The Great Smoky Mountains National Park,

Dollywood, the Memphis Zoo, and the Country Music Hall of Fame are just some of the

main attractions drawing in visitors.

With a growing population of more than 6,500,000, Tennessee has a large medical

community with a continual need for qualified professionals. The average salary for a

Phlebotomist in Tennessee is $27,000. does put this salary as below the

national average, however the cost of living in most parts of Tennessee is really

reasonable; making it a great place to live and work.

The Responsibilities of a Phlebotomist:

The primary duty of a phlebotomist is of course to draw blood. There are however

several other duties that may fall to the qualified phlebotomist to handle.

  • While collecting specimens, you’ll have to follow established protocols for getting them to the lab so they can be processed in a timely manner.
  • You’ll have to be aware of and follow safety guidelines so that both you and your patients are kept safe during the process.
  • Your area will need to be kept clean, and well-stocked; this could also include ordering and cataloging all supplies that you get in.
  • You will need to be able to understand basic medical terminology in order to follow the instructions related to drawing blood and other specimens from your patients.
  • Data collection, data entry, filing, and other basic office skills may come into play during the course of your typical day.

The great news is that when you take a phlebotomy certification course you’ll be given

the right type of training to help you perform the duties of your job.

While most states, including Tennessee, do not require that individuals have a

phlebotomy certification in hand in order to do the work, it is recommended that you to

pursue your certification so that you can increase your employment opportunities.

Job Opportunities for Certified Phlebotomists in Tennessee:

With jobs in the healthcare field always in high demand, you’ll find that you won’t have

much of a problem securing a position as a phlebotomist. You may find yourself working

in any number of healthcare facilities.


Urgent care clinics

Blood labs

Community clinics

Doctor’s offices

Mobile clinics

Nursing homes

As an individual with a passion for helping people, and the compassion needed to

comfort those who are perhaps afraid of needles, you’ll find that your skills will always

be in high demand.

Steps to Getting your Phlebotomy Certification:

There are a few steps to take on the path to getting your phlebotomy certification. The

first step is to enroll in a phlebotomy training course at a college or training center in

your part of Tennessee. The school should be an accredited organization.

Pay a visit to the schools on your short list, so that you can learn more about how they

teach and learn more about what their programs cover. While most schools will offer

similar curriculums, you might discover that some have courses that are tailored more

toward the way that you learn. Some schools may offer an online portion, which could

be helpful if you are already working full time in another position.

Determine what the prerequisites are for the school that you opt to pursue your

education through. Some may have some slight variations in requirements, but the

majority will require you to be 18 years of age. The majority will require that you hold a

high school diploma, while others may ask you to sit through an entrance exam prior to

acceptance. Most schools will also require that students hold a CPR certification, and

that they are current on all immunizations.

Courses will very often be broken into two or three parts. Part one will relate to time

spent in the classroom, learning the basics that will hold you in good stead throughout

your career. Part two and three will relate to hands-on training in the lab and in a clinic

setting. By the time that you finish your course, you should have completed at least 100

blood draws on patients.

National Certification, and Renewals:

As Tennessee does not require any sort of state level certification, your certification will

go through a nationally accepted organization. The good news about this is that you’ll

have the ability to secure a position in just about any state in the country should you

decide to relocate from Tennessee.

There are four recognized organizations that oversee phlebotomy certification.

American Medical Technologists

American Society of Clinical Pathologists

National Center for Competency Testing

National Health Career Association

Your certification will last for a full two years. It is important that you keep up with

renewing your certification. If your certification does lapse, you may find yourself

needing to take a refresher course prior to getting it reissued.

Phlebotomy Certification Schools in Tennessee:

East Tennessee State University:

East Tennessee State University is located in Johnson, TN, and offers a number of

options for career training in the medical field. Their phlebotomy classes do tend to fill

up fast, so be sure to register early. This university does require a background check on

all students prior to enrolment.

Visit their official site:

Jackson State Community College:

Jackson State Community College is in Jackson, TN. Boasting a pretty campus and

wide range of offered courses, you’ll find that the phlebotomy course is just what you

need to be on your way to being prepped to take the certification exam.

Read More:

Southwest Tennessee Community College:

Southwest Tennessee Community College in Memphis, TN offers a competitive

phlebotomy course. Prior to enrollment, students are required to complete a criminal

background check and obtain malpractice insurance.

Visit the school’s official website:

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The average salary information for Tennessee was sourced from The average salary is quite different in city areas versus urban areas. You should make sure to investigate the average salary in the area you want to work to make sure that you will be compensated fairly during your employment.

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