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Phlebotomy Certification Illinois

Illinois is populated by over 12.8 million people, the largest of its cities is Chicago, though the capital is Springfield. Long remembered for the birth of jazz and blues, its icons are second only to the sporting icons of the Chicago Cubs, Wrigley Field and the Chicago Bears and their 9 NFL Championships. Even if the “fighting Illini” bleed blue and orange, phlebotomists might argue they bleed as red as all other Americans. The average salary of a phlebotomist in Illinois varies, but the average is around $29,000 per year with an average of about $32,000 per year in the greater Chicago area.

Phlebotomy Training in Illinois Requirements

What you need to know if you are currently living in Illinois or thinking of moving there and want to become a certified Phlebotomist:

  • • Outside of completing high school or GED there are no other educational requirements to start phlebotomy training in Illinois. Like most careers where you will be dealing the public the most important things are that you be personable and adaptable.
  • • As you will mainly be working with people who are sick this is not an ideal career for people who have lowered immune systems and are more susceptible to viruses and infection.
  • • Being safe and clean at all times are of the utmost importance. Detail-oriented personalities are ideal.

phlebotomy certification and training illinoisThe Department of Illinois Veterans Affairs lists American Medical Technologists for phlebotomy certification Illinois. This credential requires work experience, successful completion of an oral or written exam, and renewal every three years through CEUs and re-examination. Certification as an acceptable provider for Registered Phlebotomy Technician (RPT). You need to be nationally certified in order to be considered by employers in the state of Illinois for entry level positions in hospitals, blood banks, and labs. The salary for entry level positions start at around $24,000 per year.

Phlebotomy Certification Agencies valid in Illinois

Other agencies that provide national certification are listed below:

If you are nationally certified in Illinois you will be a much more attractive candidate to any potential employers and will bring more competence to your work as a phlebotomist.

Phlebotomy Training Programs in Illinois

The following institutions offer Phlebotomy Training Programs that fulfill the criteria for eligibility to take the National Certification tests:

Southwestern Illinois College

Illinois Central College

Illinois Valley Community College

In order to qualify for application to these schools you will need to:

  • • Submit High School or GED transcripts
  • • Pass background checks and drug tests

You will also need to:

  • • Complete up to 40 hours of didactic (classroom) training
  • • Complete up to 40 hours of practical hands-on training
  • • Prove that you are capable of as many as 100 venipunctures and 10 skin collections

It should be noted that although you technically can be hired as a phlebotomist straight out of highschool or after completing your GED in the state of Illinois (unlike other states that have very strict certification requirements), you are unlikely to be hired without any sort of practical training or certification. So it is in your best interest to put in the time finding a good school and completing their training program, a lot of them will also assist you with your job search while you are still completing your certification as well.

Further reading:

Directory of Certifying Agencies

**Author’s note: There were a number of warnings regarding illegitimate sites among various certifying and educational programs for Illinois training programs. Please make sure you are thorough when you start checking into any educational program or certifying agency. I have done my best not to include any suspicious sites here.

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