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Phlebotomy Certification Connecticut

Phlebotomy Certification Requirements in Connecticut:

Welcome to our Certification guide page for the State of Connecticut. Here you’ll a straightforward step-by-step guide to becoming employed as a Phlebotomist. Here you’ll learn what kind of training is required to become certified in your state, as well as a listing of colleges and schools that offer Phlebotomist training programs. If you’re looking to move to Connecticut, we have some quick facts about this beautiful state as well.

Phlebotomy is a profession that’s in high demand: the median salary for Phlebotomists in Hartford, CT (the largest city in the state) is $32,588 (according to

Does Connecticut Recognize National Certification?

There are six agencies that will offer you national certification as a Phlebotomist/Phlebotomy technician. While some states have their own certification agencies and as a result do not recognize these national agencies, Connecticut is not one of them. If you nationally certified, you can be employed as a Phlebotomist at any laboratory, clinic or hospital.

How to Become a Phlebotomist in Connecticut:

The State of Connecticut does NOT require phlebotomists to be certified by a national agency. However, we highly recommend taking a school program and becoming certified.
Why? While it’s not technically required, if you become certified you will have a vastly improved chance of becoming employed as a Phlebotomist. Not to mention the fact that you will be more knowledgable and comfortable performing the duties required in your day-to-day job. Most laboratories and hospitals will not hire someone who is not certified.

phlebotomy certification connecticut
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National Certification Agencies:

The Basic Requirements of Phlebotomy Training:

Typically these training programs take 3-6 months, and involve both theory (i.e. knowledge tests) practical training. These are the basic requirements of most of these training programs:

  • Submit your High School or GED transcripts
  • Pass a background check and drug test
  • Complete up to 40 hours of didactic (classroom) training
  • Complete up to 40 hours of practical training
  • Prove that you are capable of as many as 100 venipunctures and 10 skin punctures

There are many Phlebotomy training programs available in Connecticut and you have an opportunity to choose between long and short programs, some with more practical experience than others, and some that offer externships that may introduce you to more employment opportunities. Make sure your choice is based on the certification and licensure that you will want when you begin your search for employment.

Thinking of Moving to Connecticut? Here’s a Little Background Information on the State:

Connecticut is the third smallest state by area, it is the fourth most densely populated having 3.5 million packed into its 5,500 square miles. The capital of Connecticut is Hartford, the home of Yale University, and the largest city is Bridgeport. It is the southernmost state in New England and is best known for its roles in the history of our nation as a crown colony and one of the first to revolt against the British during the American Revolution.

Phlebotomy Schools in Connecticut:

We’ve created a database of hundreds of schools and colleges that offer Phlebotomy training programs. Feel free to use our school directory page to search for schools in your area as well!

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