Phlebotomy Certification North Carolina (NC)

phlebotomy certification north carolina

Phlebotomy Certification in North Carolina (NC): North Carolina is bordered by four states and the Atlantic Ocean, making it a prime destination for tourists looking to explore the coastal region or the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. With watery graveyards for hundreds of ships and a rich soil that is ideal for a number of crops, North Carolina also has a varied and colorful history. Agriculture has long been an important part of North Carolina’s …

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Phlebotomy Training in Montana

phlebotomy training in montana

Phlebotomy Training in Montana: Oft referred to as Land of the Shining Mountains, Montana delivers big on breathtaking mountain ranges, which are a part of the Rocky Mountains. Quite a number of industries play a significant role in Montana’s economy. These include tourism, agriculture, hard rock mining, lumber, and of course the healthcare sector. Montana has a low cost of living, definitely lower than the average seen nationwide. This makes it a great choice for …

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Phlebotomy Training in Mississippi (MS)

phlebotomy training in mississippi

Phlebotomy Certification in Mississippi The state of Mississippi was named after the mighty Mississippi River, which can be found flowing along the state’s western boundary. With incredible forests and waterways to explore, Mississippi is an amazing destination for tourists to enjoy. Some of the industries that contribute to the state’s economy include cotton, and catfish. The catfish farms in the state are responsible for producing the majority of the farm- raised catfish that is enjoyed …

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Phlebotomy Training in Louisville KY

phlebotomy training louisville kentucky

Phlebotomy Certification in Kentucky (KY): Also known as the Bluegrass State, Kentucky boasts a number of great attractions that make it a desirable place to both live and to visit. From the world’s longest system of caves, coal mines, horse farms producing some of the best in racing, to Mammoth Cave National Park and the lengthiest waterway and stream system in the country, Kentucky is as diverse as it is beautiful. Known for rich soil, …

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Phlebotomy Training Idaho

phlebotomy training idaho - certification

Phlebotomy Certification in Idaho: Mountainous and known for its most popular crop, the friendly spud, Idaho borders six other states, as well as one Canadian province. In addition to being known for the potatoes that grow so well in the Idahoan soil, the state also bears the nickname of the “Gem State.” This is due to the fact that almost type known variations of gemstone has been discovered in Idaho. The state of Idaho has …

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Phlebotomy Training San Diego

phlebotomy training san diego featured image

Phlebotomy Certification in San Diego Known for year-round sunshine and mild temperatures, San Diego boasts beautiful beaches and a natural harbor. For many years the city thrived on its involvement with the United States Navy, and on the tourism industry. However it has recently begun to emerge as a hotspot for the biotech and healthcare industries. With a population that exceeds 1,350,000, San Diego is a desirable place to live, work, and play. The cost …

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Phlebotomy Training Los Angeles

phlebotomy training los angeles - featured image

Phlebotomy Certification in Los Angeles: The City of Angels, Los Angeles holds the distinction of being the second-largest city in the country, behind New York City. With a population that exceeds 3,700,000, it is the most populous of all cities in the state of California. LA is a city with a booming economy that is fueled the many industries that call the city home. From Hollywood and celebrity studded streets to business and international trade, …

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Phlebotomy Training Bay Area

Phlebotomy Training Bay Area - Featured Image

Phlebotomy Training in the Bay Area The San Francisco Bay Area is a densely populated region of California that includes cities, urban, and rural areas alike. With an amazing number of outdoor activities to enjoy, a vibrant culture to explore, and many large companies calling the Bay Area home, this is a great option in destinations to live, to work, and to play. The Bay Area is known for liberal politics, diversity, and of course …

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Phlebotomy Certification California

phlebotomy training california featured image

Phlebotomy Certification in California: California has their own way of doing things, and Phlebotomy certification is no exception. The steps needed to become a fully-certified Phlebotomist are unique to this State. And since California is the world’s 8th largest economy, there is a huge demand for Phlebotomists in this state. According to, the median salary for a Phlebotomist in Los Angeles is $34,128/year, which is above the national average. There are also far more …

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Phlebotomist Resume

Phlebotomist Resume - featured image

The Phlebotomist’s Resume: How to Write a Resume for the Phlebotomist’s Position The best technique for a good resume is to make it easy to find your contact information, and simple to read. One page is sufficient. Write the most important things first, like your email, phone, your name and your credentials. You want them to hire you so you want them to like the fact that you didn’t make them work too hard to …

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